[식품] CJ 국탕 (No1 ~ No 27)

[식품]  CJ  국탕  (No1 ~ No 27)
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[식품] CJ 국탕 (No1 ~ No 27)

▶ Manufacturer: CJ

▶ Country of Origin: S. Korea

▶ Contents: 400 ~ 1200g

1 Beef Bone Soup 500g
2 hot spicy meat stew 500g
3 stock soup of bone 500g
4 Seaweed Soup with Beef 500g
5 beef white radish Soup 500g
6 bean sprouts Dried Pollack 500g
7 boiled chicken soup 500g
8 Beef Rice Soup  500g
9 bean paste stew 460g
10 bean curd Kimchi stew 460g
11 Pork and Kimchi Stew 460g
12 Beef bean paste stew 460g
13 spam ham Sausage Stew 460g
14 Short Rib Soup  400g
15 Spicy Fish Roe Soup 440g
16 Pollack Soup  460g
17 Loach Soup 460g
18 pig bean-curd dregs Kimchi500g
19 Korean Sausage soup 460g
20 chicken soup with ginseng 800g
21 Pork Back-bone Stew 460g
22 Korean beef Bone Soup 500g
23 stock soup of bone 500g
24 CHEF Spicy Beef Soup 1.2K
25 CHEF Seaweed Soup 1.2K
26 CHEF Dried Pollack soup 1.2K
27 CHEF beef Hangover Soup 1.2K

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Product detail information
Country of origin
How to use
Please refer to the production description.
In case of any alergic or any abnormal symptoms, please stop ingesting the product, and consult with a doctor right away.
In case of any manufacturing faulty or problem with the product, you can get a refund or exchange through the customer center of Koreadepart after 7 business days since the product was delivered.
Standard of quality assurance
If any defects of product found, we may compensate based on「Standard of consumer dispute resolution」notified by Fair Trade Commission.
Consumer consulting center
Email : email/ Call : +82-70-8885-1490
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